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Ktag/kess v2 not working after install Ksuite,how to do

How to solve Ktag/kess v2 not working with gray buttons after successful ksuite installation? Professional solutions from obd2express.co.uk....here you go...


kess v2 ktag gray buttons


ksuite v1.93 download on mega:


Working ok with:

SE87-D: V2.28 KESS V2 Firmware V4.036 SE80-B: KTAG Firmware V6.070 KSuite V2.1.3   SE80-D: V2.13 KTAG KTM100 FW V7.003

Suitable for the ktag/kess v2 QC mark ends with numbers015

Not suitable for other kess or ktag programmers.

If you try on other version, obd2express.co.uk hold no responsibility for your try.


How to solve:

1- cut the folder of kusite (v2.11) and paste it to Desktop

2- install ksuite v1.93 software

3- delete the ksuite folder in disk C:

4- cut the ksuite v2.11 folder on Desktop and paste it to C:

5- KTAG Firmware V6.070, KTM100 FW V7.003, KESS V2 Firmware V4.036 can work now!

  If not, contact to y

how to update Creator products step by step

obd2express.co.uk will tech you how to update Creator products (incl Creator C500,C310,C330, C100,C110 etc) step-by-step. Note: This Update method is applicable to all Creator products! Here is the procedure: Step 1. Setup Update tools Download the update tool from official website:www.szcreator.com creator-products-software-update-1 Double click the [Setup file] to setup the tool. Operate follow the instructions, and finish to setup. After finish setup, there will be a icon of scanner in desktop.creator-products-software-update-2 Step 2. Download the software Download from official website creator-products-software-update-3Note: C100 and C110 software is only fix SN is C1XX 002000 02 or later creator-products-software-update-4You can find the software what you want. Step 3. Run the update tool Double cleck the update tool icon and Run the update tool and Operate in accordance with photographs creator-products-software-update-5Used the USB cable connected to scanner and PC, if connect success, the software on pc will shown as below creator-products-software-update-6Click [Update] button. creator-products-software-update-7Cleck red rang , you can change the path , and find the updatefile which recive.

MPPS V21 Reviews and download

posted on Jan 18, 2017| tags: Car ECU programmer MPPS ECU programmer MPPS V21

MPPS V21 adds boot mode support for controllers with the tricore processor and adds OBD support.


MPPS V21 OBD Tricore Boot software


MPPS V21 hardware:



MPPS V21 pcb


MPPS v21 software: (ver.


*Volvo ME7 CAN R/W/Cks

Bench only at the moment.


*Volvo EDC15C11 CAN R/W/Cks

Bench only at the moment.


*Bentley ME7.1.1 CAN R/W/Cks

*Master/Slave ECUs.


*VAG ALL TDI Bosch EDC17 X UDS drive now supports *EDC17C46 and EDC17C64 ECUs.

Must be unlocked first using an MPPS container file.


*Generic Tricore VAG Only Multi ECU – MPPS Container file flasher.

*Can be used to flash firmware updates and OBD UNLOCK files created using new VAS FRF file utility in tricore boot plugin.


-Tricore Boot

*Added new file checksum utility for tricore, now supports:

(M)EDC Flash checksum

(M)EDC Eeprom checksum

Simos PCR

Simos 8

Simos SID305

Added new VAS FRF file special function

Best Porsche Diagnostic Tool, FVDI2 ABRITES Commander

Here, What we recommend is V4.1 Porsche FVDI2 ABRITES Commander,If you still in a dilemma about investing in the best diagnostic tool for your precious Porsche vehicles, then this article will help you.


ABRITES Commander for Porsche is professional software for diagnostic of Porsche vehicles. It is capable to perform a diagnostic of any unit. It provides some unique functions, which are not supported by any other diagnostic tool.


What’s FVDI2 Commander Supported Porsche vehicles?

Carrera GT

Carrera GT2 (996)

Carrera GT3 (996)

Boxster (986)

Boxster S (986)

Boxster (997)

Cayman (987)

Cayenne (955)

911 (997)

911 Turbo (996)

911 Turbo (997)

911 Carrera 4 (996)

Boxster 991 (2012+)

911 991 (2012+)

Cayenne 958 (2011+)

Panamera 970 (2010+)


So, what’s this Porsche diagnostic tool Standard diagnostic functions?

For all electronic control units reading identification data


Test of Xtuner E3 OBD2 diagnostic tool.

Here comes the first on-board test of Xtuner E3 OBD2 diagnostic tool. 2 videos demo guide will be available soon... Tool used: XTUNER E3 WIFI OBD2 Scanner Vehicle model: Hyundai ELANTRA(HDC) 2012 G 1.6 DOHC If you are a beginner of XTUNER E3, you can learn how to use it in this article: XTUNER E3 Software Download, Installation and Activation Guide Suppose that you have learned how to use XTUNER E3 scanner and have installed the software on your Android system device. Then, insert XTUNER E3 into car obd2 port Turn ignition on And power up your Android device Pair xtuner e3 scanner with android device via WIFI. XTUNER E3 WIFI OBD2 Scanner

XTUNER E3 WIFI OBD2 Scanner Then choose ESS system and Hyundai PRO XTUNER E3 WIFI OBD2 Scanner Diagnose XTUNER E3 WIFI OBD2 Scanner And select your vehicle information manually and tap next to continue XTUNER E3 WIFI OBD2 Scanner Then you can choose the module you want to diagnose: XTUNER E3 WIFI OBD2 Scanner


XTUNER E3 WIFI OBD2 Scanner After diagnosis complete, power down your Android device and pour out XTUNER E3 from obd2 port. Source:http://xtuner-diag.blogspot.com/2017/01/

Download Ford IDS V103 V101 V100 Mazda IDS V103 V101 V96

posted on Jan 09, 2017| tags: ford diagnostic tool IDS VCM2 IDS VXDIAG VCX NANO

Download the newest ford/mazda diagnostic software: ford/mazda ids software v103. Enjoy!


ford vcm ids software download:

ford IDS v103.exe (unknown security)


ford ids software crack ford ids v101 (tested, no issues with VXDIAG VCX NANO ford)

ford ids vcm ford ids v100 (safe to use with vcm2 clone)


mazda ids software update:

mazda IDS v103 download in mega (no pass but not tested yet)


mazda software update mazda ids v101 (ok with VXDIAG VCX NANO mazda)

mazda ids v96 (verified to work fine with vcm ii best quality)


O/S requirement:

– O.S.: Windows XP; Windows 7;

– RAM: 1 GB of system memory– Hard Drive: 5 GB of available space


Note: there are many IDS free download links on webs, but you are not suggested to download and install one; because for one thing, most new IDS online is offered to test– that is, actu

Reviews on XTOOL IOBD2 Bluetooth 4.0

Customer feedback1:

I like XTOOL IOBD2 for two reasons:

It worked perfectly on 2013 Mercedes! I could read the “unrecognizable communication” code from transmission and reset the alert. It saved my wife a $50 trip to the dealership!


And both Android & iOS iOBD2 apps are free for user!

The tool is great! It detected an error code on my 2005 Focus, even my mechanic’s professional scanners could not detect although the CEL was on.



Customer feedback 2:

It allows me to know instant fuel economy, trip fuel consumption… The Live data is nearly real-time. It can even read engine codes and clear them. DTC codes come with full explanation. I use XTOOL iOBD2 mini scanner for below cars

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid (1.4-I4) --->OK

2008 Honda Fit S (1.5-I4)--->OK

2006 Lexus GS430 (4.3-V8)--->OK

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4(4.7-V8)--->OK

1996 Ford Mustang GT (4.6-V8)--->OK

Porsche Cayenne GTS 2013--->OK

Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995---

Renault Can Clip V164 Multilanguage free download

 Renault Can Clip V164 download :(Note: it’s shared by a forum member, you may try it at risk to update and please be responsible for yourself.)


 Renault Can Clip V164 Function:1. See all the information relating to the vehicle 2. Computer test3. Automatic test of all computers4. Airbag test5. Ccantool (OBD tests)6. Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)7. Physical measurements8. Antipollution9. Multimeter

 Renault Can Clip FAQ:

Q: Whether Renault CAN CLIP can be used for analyzing and testing the state of 2003 year later Renault Megane II, including testing the switch of electric windows. A: Sure, it is no problem.  Q: It is said that PCB sp19-b to have been displayed which has same devices with Alliance and also supports Nissan car, is equipped with Bluetooth- module. That is true? A: Yes, it’s truth. The sp19-b will support Nissan car so long as you install v09.021 software, but please note that you don’t

How to Program LEXUS RX350 2014 Remote Key with Techstream

posted on Dec 28, 2016| tags: Xhorse MINI VCI TIS Techstream
This is how to program a key to LEXUS RX350 2014 with cheap Xhorse MINI VCI TIS Techstream cable. what you need? 1. Xhorse MINI VCI single cable---€23.99, free shipping  2. TIS Techstream (running on WinXP): Ver 8.11.006 or higher ( you can download LATEST V10.30.029 from our official blog) 3. An old(registered) key and new keys Vehicle model and year: Lexus RX350 2014 Precedure: Insert MINI VCI 16 pin connector into car OBDII port, another side of VCI cable connect with laptop Insert the registered key and switch ignition on Then run Techstream and click “Connect to Vehicle” mini-vci-techstream-program-lexus-rx350-key-2 It will initialize USB communication and connect to vehicle, wait for a little while Then select required car information and press “Next” to continue mini-vci-techstream-program-lexus-rx350-key-3. It will come to system selection menu, choose “Body Electrical”, then double click “Smart Access” mini-vci-techstream-program-lexus-rx350-key-4 Select “Utility” option, then double click “Smart Code Registration” mini-vci-techstream-program-lexus-rx350-key-5 Techstream will show you this introduction, Press “Next” afte

How XTUNER E3 Software Download, Installation and Activation

This is the long post we make a  training session of How to install XTUNER E3 and  Activate it  and where to free download the  XTUNER E3software. Running Environment  l          Hardware Environment: Windows laptop, PC or PAD CPU speed: more than 1.0G Hz Memory: more than 1GB Disk: more than 32 GB Communication port: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth  l          Software Environment: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Part1: How to install XTUNER E3? Step1: Download client Access to official website Click “Support” option Download “XTUNER-E3 Setup Vx.xx” XTUNER E3 Software Step2: Setup the Client Unzip “XTUNER-E3 Setup Vx.xx” and run XTUNER-E3 setup.exe XTUNER E3 Software click “Next” XTUNER E3 Software click “Next” XTUNER E3 Software click “Install”. XTUNER E3 Software

XTUNER E3 Software XTUNER-E3 installed successfully. Click finish button to exit the setup wizard. XTUNER E3 Software Part2: How to Activate XTUNER E3 Software? At first, you should keep the network working. Then Run XTUNER-E3 APP XTUNER E3 Software Click “Online store” to get applications XTUNER E3 Software